Sony AX100 vs PXW-X70?

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      Hi, I'm looking for a camcorder to make short films, documentaries, music videos, concerts reviews, and some low light situations. My first choice was a Canon Vixia HF G30, but then I saw the promo video for the Sony AX100 and it was mind blowing. My question is: Should I get the Sony PXW-X70 instead? looks more professional to me! 
      Audio is not a deal breaker because I own a Zoom h4n. Im more worried about having the best quality image, and more artistic control over my videos. It seems to me that  the PXW-X70 have more manual controls than the AX100. Am I right?
      My budget is 2000$, a little more or less.
      Any other suggestion? no DSLR please!
      Thanks in advance 
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