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      Hi everybody, is my first time in here, i´m Paolo from Italy (appologies for my english).
      I´m here because i´m in a dilema, i do not have enough knowledge with video, i´m most photographer and designer but a job possibility appeard and i´m learning by force.
      My job particulary consist in recording POV videos, i need portrait quality and the object i will record always will be close to the camera, imagine i´m driving a car and i want to record my hands driving, so here is my problem.
      After working with my Nikon d90 with a 35mm lens it was complicated (but not impossible) recording my videos, because it´s too close so i had to put my camera over my head to record my shoes, that obligated me to upgrade.
      After a lot of research i bought my Sony Alpha 7s, someones will congratulate me, others will say that it was a mistake, anyway, that´s my camera right know and i will not regret.

      So, my question is.
      -What lenses are recommended for my purposes?

      -i tried:
      ZEISS FE16-35mm F4 (amazing angular, it was perfect but very expensive)
      28mm F2 (almos equal with human view, another good one for POV)

      I don´t want to spend a lot of money, not more than 500, i read that with a good adaptor i can put anothers lenses, but i want to know if someone has the camera and tried the mount adaptor with other lenses like 50mm from canon, because i don´t want to loose any functions of the camera, because i need the autofocus.

      Any recomendation will be appreciated, and thank you a lot for this space and your time.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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