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      I ordered a Sony HDD-SR11 from Thought I was getting a great deal. They called me to pull the bait and switch on me. I told them nevermind, cancel the order. The phone rep “Jeje” told me it was too late to cancel because it had already been processed, even though we were in the process of changing it anyways. I asked to talk to his boss. He told me heis the boss. Then he laughed at me, told me he was going to charge my card even though I wanted to cancel the order, and there was nothing I could do about it!!!. I called back and talked to “Kevin”. Kevin told me my order was on backorder for 8 weeks. I asked to talk to the boss and guess what,… Kevin is the boss also!!?? Go figure!!!

      I had to cancel my credit card!! I would love to report them to the authorities, but don’t know how or who. any suggestions?

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      You shouldn’t have canceled the credit card, but you should have notified the credit card company and let them go after them. To process the credit card they have to have an account with somebody.

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      order from like everyone else.

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      Before I bought my Panasonic AG-DVC20 I went through the same thing. We found the camera for a phenomenal price at a couple of web site camera stores. My issue was I could never get anyone to tell me what all was in the box, what all came with the camera.

      They would assure us the camera was in stock but just before the deal suddenly it was on back order for 6 weeks. Same as you, everyone was the boss. luckily we never got to the point of processing the card.

      I then started some research on companies like this. They do indeed sell cameras but it is only the camera. No lense, No battery, No charger, not even the camera strap that Panasonic gives with the camera.

      If you see a camera that appears to be way to cheap, find out what you are buying.

      The backorder issue? They are a telemarketing place, there are no cameras where they are. They are just sales. The camera has to be shipped from Japan! If you actually got one all instructions would be in Japanese. All controls too. There is no warranty because the camera is foreign and is not covered.

      I was seconds away from buying it from B&H, a company I trust when my girlfriend said to check

      I did. We found the camera, a bit less than what B&H wanted and from a trusted company. They described everything in the box. It was all there. No gimmicks. Positive reviews and a set time for delivery.

      I bought it. I had my camera in less than a week. It came in the actual box Panasonic built it and put it in. Everything was there including an extra battery. Plus the warranty.

      I am very happy with my AG-DVC20. I got it for about $100 less than B&H and was pleased with the overall purchase. Price, contents, delivery, etc.

      (Plus because we bought from Amazon I think we got free delivery)

      The point is that it is the same camera as directly from Panasonic.

      NEVER buy from these companies out of NY. They all are a scam. All of them. In fact many of them are the same place just with a different name.

      They expect you to be stupid and fall for their scam. Unfortunately it’s legal, they are selling you a camera. They don’t care that a pile of tickets with their name on it is filling up a drawer at the BBB. They know most people will not check. Even if they do get forced out of business they can just open up a new web site the next day under a new name.

      When they get the camera you order they take it out of the box, remove anything that came with it and that is what you get. To get the battery, charger and other stuff you have to pay extra. Yes, you pay extra for what should have just come with the camera anyway. That is done in a warehouse somewhere else.

      Or the camera is stripped in Japan before shipping.

      Buyer beware!


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      I just wantedto addthat this doesn’t stop withcameras.

      Just afew weeks ago mysister wantedto buyanewcell phone (the speaker onher old one broke).She wantedan unlocked phoneso shecoulduseher old SIM card andkeepher number.Ididn’t eventhinkto warnher about checkingratings on websites.

      She bought froma shady websiteand theyhaven’tshippedanything (she even paid for 2day shipping becausesheneeded it right away) andtheyhaven’trespondedto emails.

      She’sgoingtodo a chargeback onher credit card, but now she needs to find a reputable website (or store) to buy a phone from.

      She wasalsomad atme whenafterafewdaysandthe phone didn’tshow up,Ichecked Reseller Ratings andfound the website wasa scam (she startedsayingit was myfault that sheorderedat the website :-P).

      Thepoint I’m tryingtomake is, if the website lookstoo goodto be true, it probably is- nomatter whattheysell, and agoodideaistoalways check thingslike Reseller Ratings first.

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      sorry man

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      I believe you were tryingto jokearound, but it’s notfunny.Ifind that veryoffensive that you wouldsaysomething like that about my sister.If youcan delete that post,Iwouldreally appreciate it.

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      checking ratings is ALWAYS a good plan…

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      Sorry to hear about what happened, and that she blamed you. Sometimes it’s not easy to see who is the good guy and the bad guy in this world, trust is the most expensive commodity. Anyone can put up a web site and sell anything. They can make the site look real and professional. Then be gone in a second. But you did what you could do, charge back the card.

      Places like that make all of us have to be on the defensive. It’s sad.



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      What you want to stay away from, specifically, is stores located in Brooklyn, NY. Before you buy anything from a suspicious”” online store visit You can check the ratings of almost any store. It’s a great tool for avoiding scams.


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      >>I would love to report them to the authorities, but don’t know how or who. any suggestions?

      Same thing here. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the IC3, I HIGHLY suggest everyone that has been victimized by these people do the same!!

      Go here:

      and here: or (click on “file a complaint”)

      I also tracked their IP address and notified (via email) their ISP that they’re a fraudulent company and they might get a call from the FBI and NW3C about them.

      I pay my taxes, so I’m giving these government agencies (that are there to protect us) all the information they need to nail these crooks. I hope all those creeps get caught and prosecuted.

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