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      I have been editing for over 8 years and 90% of the time on large scale creative projects as they all usually are. My biggest struggle since I could remember is picking THE song. My creativeness and how good my edits are all come down to if I can FEEL the song.


      what I'm asking is; has anyone mastered there song selection process prior to editing as this is always my holdup on perfection. 

      And I'm not talking about only royalty free music. Any and all music licensed or not.

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      I am currently in that dilemma. Once a year I make a ~20 minute video for a racing league awards banquet. The past few years I had an easy time selecting audio tracks. I would lay in the audio and put key video sequences on sections of the song that "worked" then kind of fill in the gaps.

      This year I am struggling to find something that inspires me. I got 4 weeks to get it done. I am lurking on Sound cloud and CC Mixter for music all the time.

      Here is a link to the last one I completed if you are interested.




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