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      My 10 year old son wants to make videos. I plan to get him a camera, green screen, and editing program for Christmas. He is currently using and old Sony Hi 8 camera we have had for many years.

      I think mostly he wants to do close up stop action things.

      I would like input on the equipment I should get him and some good beginner information that will not be over his head

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      I suggest getting him a canon rebel t6, it is a beginner dslr camera but still records in 1080p and takes decent pictures. Dslr`s are also nice because you can change lenses for different shots and effects (one being depth of field, which is how much the background behind what your filming is in focus, longer lenses will have a greater depth). As for green screen, you can get kits on Amazon like this one that includes the green screen and essential lighting. Although the bigger the screen is, the more freedom you’re going to have, maybe you would want to be walking in front of it, or jumping.

      He will definitely need a tripod and maybe you can get him a steadicam for his birthday or something, a steadicam helps keep the video smooth when you’re walking with the camera. A spider rig does a similar thing, they are both cool.

      As for editing software, there is free software like windows movie maker, iMovie, and a more advanced but still free, free version of davinci resolve. For mixing audio, GarageBand and audacity are both simple and easy to learn. As for paid video software, you can look into sony vegas.
      Side note: if he wants to do a lot of stop motion, there is software for that too, like dragonframe. Dragonframe is what the professional studios use, like Disney and whatnot. There is cheaper and simpler software, but this one is awesome. How it works is, you plug the cameras usb into the computer, and you actually take the pictures straight from the computer, it records frames and stuff, its cool. I don’t think many of the softwares support the rebel, I think dragonframe does. Here’s a link to the page that shows which cameras are supported in dragonframe.

      Mics are very important in filmmaking, the internal mic is almost never good, it records too much ambient noise, but, it does work if you don’t want to spoil your son too much. Either a lapel or a shotgun mic will do. The canon rebel does not have a mic input, so you can choose a camera that does, or you can get him a Zoom recorder, which the mic plugs into and it records it, the problem with that is that you have to align the audio and video when you edit, some software does that automatically, but it’s easy to do if you make a quick sound (aka clapperboard) but clapping your hand would work too, its just so you can see the audio spike on the cameras audio and the mics audio track and then align them.

      PS: For stop motion, a blue or green styrofoam board would work, you can use the umbrella lights for lighting, an led bank or a desk lamp is fine.

      PS#2: Imovie, sony vegas, and DaVinci Resolve can all do green and blue screen. Warning, DaVinci Resolve green screen is more difficult.

      PS#3: Lighting with green is very important, the light on the screen should be as even as possible and without shadows. Try to stand as far from the screen as possible.

      PS#4: The Rebel t6 is compatible with a free software made from canon that lets you see what the camera see`s on the computer screen, take pictures and video, and also change camera settings.
      Hope this helps

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      Cool that your young man get started with film at this age. I was around 11 when I first thinking about my own movie. Now I just begin my formal study about media and would like to have one camera for myself. I’ve been researching and have found that Canon 70D is probably my best bet. Or you could go for a cheaper one around 600$ with Nikon D5300. Hope it helps.

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