Solution to iMovie Panasonic Dilemma

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      I take videos with a full HD Panasonic HC-V500 camcorder and edit them on iMovie ’08 that developed a Quicktime bug. Apple refused to supply any on-line ‘solution’ other than its iMovie ’10 that was hideous complicated. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. As a last resort I dug into my archive that had DVD discs of old apps. I found iLife 9.0.3 DVD. This is where I made a HUGE mistake. I thought iLife predated iMovie. It didn’t. Like Microsoft Office contains several apps (eg Microsoft Word) my iLife 9.0.3 DVD contained several apps including iMovie ’09. This solved the Quicktime bug in iMovie ’08 and the hideously complicated iMovie ’10. The moral of this story: Never give up before the miracle happens:

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      Great tip Graham I’m found my iLife 9 disc and will archive it somewhere safe!

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