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      Newb here seeking advice. I need software to handle what I think is a simple project. Basically what I need is a program that will allow me to take 2 hours of AVCHD video of a dance recital, cut out dead space between dances, add chapters (?) So the viewer can select which dance to watch, a menu/title screen with chapter selection, and the ability to export/produce to Blu Ray disks for sharing. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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      What operating system does your computer have?  Windows, Linux Mint or Apple?   What is the computer, a Desktop or laptop?  Does it have a Blu Ray Burner installed in it?  Answer these questions and we can help give you a better idea.

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      It may well be two different items – an editor, and then a DVD/BR authoring one – and they're shrinking in number fast. I used to use Encore, but Adobe scrapped it two years ago. Sadly, now many computers don't even have the capability for DVDs any more – it's going to get more and more difficult to do this. On my PCs I use Roxio now for DVDs, as Premiere lost the link to Encore. Roxio do products for mac and pc.

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