Social Media Videos - How much shall I charge (UK?) Help!

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Hi everyone! New to this site, but wondering if someone can help...
Basically I do beauty blogging / youtube part time and have done sponsored/affiliate posts in the past.
But now a beauty clinic where I have been over the last year or so (when I first went for a treatment, i filmed it for a little instagram video!)
And today, after my latest treatment (they also filmed it again this time, and sent me the clips to edit so I could make a video for them to post on their social media) & I received this:

''Thank you so much [*my name*]. Would be great if we could get you on board for some SM / adverting/ videos etc... is this something you would be interested in and what’s your fee?''

- I'd love to, but would have no clue on what to charge as I'm not a professional... it's just something I enjoy doing!
I just edit videos on iMovie, sometimes final cut pro...

Any help on rough pricing would be super helpful, thanks!

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What's your time worth to you? How much time does it take you to prepare one of these bits? Multiply one by the other to answer your question.

Since this sounds pretty simple you might consider trading short video for beauty treatments. Where I live a man's haircut costs $65, so a couple of haircuts for each one to two minute video would seem like a fair trade-off.

If the videos start getting more and more demanding, find out what the going rate for editing is in your neighborhood and make that your hourly rate.

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It depends on client's brief too. You would need to hire a professional camera crew to film, hair stylist and make up for talents, hire talents (actors/actress) if needed, prepare props, hire a video editor to do post, and you connect all parties so add your time in.

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$65! for a man's haircut! Wow. Ladies maybe, but here most people would think £25-30 expensive, so that's $40 tops.

For each 30 mins of video shot, you can probably spend 150 minutes working on it - so whatever rate you set needs to keep this in mind. Why not work out a half day and a full day rate for shooting and apply that to editing too - so you can quote them either the day rate price, or work out a package based on it. The advice to find out what is needed though is very important. If they are thinking a few 5 minute videos, they may not be expecting three figure bills to make it!

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Hey there, I'm in a similar situation where I've been asked to film 3 x 30s videos of a restaurant for social media. I've visited the place before as my business partner was taking stills at the time so I roughly know what to expect. It would be great however, if someone could help me figure out pricing for image and short promo videos in the London area. Filming and editing is done by myself.
Thank you very much in advance :)