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      If anyone has used it, I would be curious to hear their comments.  Is it worth it?  Does it take time to learn how to use it?
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      I've been using Sonicfire's Smartsound for years.  I think it's a great program.  Very easy to manipulate the sound to suit the video you're working with.  They have a huge music library.  Usually once a year they have a big sale on their music albums…that's when I stock up.  Check it out…go to their website. I think they have a download with a free 30 day trial.


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      Thanks Wayne, I'll check it out.

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      I also recommend Sonicfire Smartsound. Very easy to tailor music to your needs. You may have to hunt a little for the right track, but once you find it, it offers a great deal of flexibility on time of clip, mood and insruments.  

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      I use it too. It's flexible and can create a track of just the right length. You get some free music when you purchase SmartSound SonicFire Pro–it's enough to get you hooked. The nice part is for the average producer, there are no restrictions on the use of the music. In fact, for Indie producers they'll give you a hard drive for $2000 that you can keep for a year–it has their entire library on it–and what you use in your production is yours to keep. For us smaller guys, we can use their music as part of our productions without restrictions or further royalties.

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      Before I retired I used SmartSound relentlessly! Not only a lifesaver but the tracks are well conceived and very well produced and recorded. Maybe I should rejoin just for the pleasure of making tracks for my fun projects. Highly recommended.

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      Definitely a fan of SmartSound. Can't beat it for making tracks to the precise times needed.  Great variety of music-moods to choose from with added flexibility within the tracks.  It's all royalty free, so no worries there.  I don't know of other alternatives and have no need to look for any others.

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      Yes I bought the customizing software and appreciated it greatly.  Just hope that they're Going to provide better tracks.  They need to put out a lot more in terms of musical choice.  Thanks David for mentioning the $2000 plan I was not aware of it.

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      Smartsound  is the best.  My onoy wish wasthat they make a Sonicfire plugin for my editing platform… Edius software.

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      I can't install my .SSDL files. When I double-click the .SSDL files, It shows that "The file is either not a valid music package file or the file is locked.",Do you know the reason? Thankyou ,my version is 5.7.5

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