SmartPhone which can record 4K video?

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      I have three questions:

      1. Someone told me there is a new SmartPhone (or iPhone) which can record 4K video… Does anyone know the precise name of this phone?

      2. He also told me there is an App you can get which gives your phone’s camera manual control of the focus, and manual control of how much light you let in… Does anyone know the precise name of this App?

      3. Does anyone know about how much this SmartPhone, and this App, should cost?

      Note: I currently still use my 2005 cell phone, so I am extremely ignorant about modern cell phone technology.

      Thank you.

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      The iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 will both shoot 4K video.
      If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a very powerful computer and software that can handle 4K video as it’s 4 times the size of regular HD video which means a much bigger strain on your computer.
      I have no idea what apps are available nor how much the phones costs.
      If it’s the iPhone you’re thinking about, your best bet is to go to an Apple store and talk to a product specialist who can answer your questions.


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      The Galaxy S5 can record 4k. Didn’t expect that functionality but there it was, tucked into the resolution settings:

      Shooting 4K with the Galaxy S5

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