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      I am looking for a small HD camera that can do at least 1080p and has some zoom capability.
      A good zoom lense for a gopro 3+.

      Situation – Filming dance recitals and have a GoPro at the center edge of the stage aiming up a little. Recitals are 2 hours in length.

      Issue – There is an Orchestra pit and so the distance between the edge of the stage and where the dancers actually dance is too far for the GoPro to pick the dancers up clearly.

      Example video:

      What I have tried –
      -Filming at 1080p 60fps and cropping in to pick the dancers up better. Gets very noticeably more blurry than the other cameras I use from other angles. (even
      -Filming the GoPro at 2.7k /30fps and cropping it which helped but still not as sharp as I would like. (even filming in optimal ProTune settings and applying post production sharpening filters)

      -Any suggestions of a small camera (About the size of a GoPro) with a zoom lense or a good GoPro zoom lense (internet search turns up options that vary in price – any of them worth while?)

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