Small Business Owner Alert – Deceptive Marketing by Labor Regulatory Compliance Office

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      Yesterday, I received an official-looking invoice. It was from "Labor Regulatory Compliance Office", with no apparent company name, logo or website. It came in an a very slick, envelope which indicated "This notice is concerning your labor law compliance immediate response requested 3013/2014". The invoice appears to be from a government agency (Scans of the form and the envelope available upon request). Bottom line – The "fee" is $285. It lists state and federal penalties for not posting employee rights notices. What will you get for paying? Employee rights posters and notices available for free. In the midst of all the warnings, updates and guarantee, you will find the disclaimer "This is not a bill. It is a solicitation… I complained online to the FTC:



      Please share with other small business owners, hopefully to prevent the proliferation of this unfair practice. Although I believe this is a Utah company, at least one similar company exists in California.

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      It is a law in most states that legal rights posters must be displayed in a place where they can be readily seen, and in some states, must be bi-lingual, usually Spanish. Some companies will have their internal auditors check for compliance in their facilities. 


      To be honest Ed, I've never heard of any business being busted over the lack of posters, especially a small business. The scam you describe has been around for years and when I'd get those things in the mail, they'd go into the circular file in a heartbeat. 


      Many stationery supply houses have the posters needed for compliance in your state and at a fraction of the cost. I'm afraid the FTC may do the same with your complaint because I'm sure they've heard it all before.

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      There are also federal laws (OSHA and such) that employers are supposed to display as well. 


      This scam is so slick, it had my blood boiling when I found the caveat after 15 minutes.  I hate people taking advantage, especially of mom & pop operations.  I'll be posting a video on YouTube shortly.


      Whether or not the FTC takes action, at least I will have done what I can…

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      I used to get worked up by these scams; then I started viewing them as intelligence tests. I get so much nonsense in the mail that tries to spoof a government mailing that I'd blow a fuse if I didn't develop a pretty thick skin about this sort of nonsense. Congratulations, Ed; you passed the test. Don't let them get you worked up.

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