Slow motion is blurry – haw to sharp video?

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      my slow motion is blurry, someone has advice on how sharp slow motion video?

      It can be a camera or poor settings twixtor or poor environment for filming? I have a gopro hero 2 – 720p 60fps

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      What's the original footage look like?

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      First up, I took a look at the video in 720p and I didn't notice anything outside of the usual from the 'Tube. YouTube is fine if you're just trying to get your stuff out there but the codec they use is awful. For showcasing (especially HD) video Vimeo's the much better choice as they use a much better codec.

      Second, your two main issues are you're using a sports cam and your shot isn't set up close enough to the action. Sports cams use wide angle lenses to capture a larger area. You're not going to get fine detail at distances outside of a wide angle lens' short range of optimal focus. You need to get it closer to the action. Since you're using a GoPro Hero 2 I strongly recommend you pony up the cash and get a 'BacPac' LCD monitor for your rig. Using that you can set up your shots to take advantage of the camera's wide depth of field and be close enough to the action to get sharper shots.

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      I see what you're talking about. That's from the editing software you used to slow that down with. Since you slowed it down slower than the 60fps can handle it compensates by blurring the frames for you. In order to make it smooth you need to slow it down less, or get a camera with higher FPS, like the new GoPro shoots 120fps at 720. But regardless, you can't really tell. I think it looks good!



Viewing 3 reply threads
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