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      I’m a beginner filmmaker, so I’m not very experienced in camera settings. I have to shoot a music video for my Media coursework, and want to use a mixture of slow motion and ordinary speed shots (I’ll slow down specific clips in post).

      My understanding is that it’s best to shoot in 60fps so that the clip isn’t jittery once slowed, but since I’m shooting both slow-mo and ordinary speed clips, will I have to adjust my frame rate per shot? Would it look strange if I just shot all my shots in 60fps, and only slowed about half of them down?

      I’m not really looking for *professional* quality as I’m not marked on the quality of the footage alone, but I would still like it to look decent.

      Thanks in advance!

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      What you do Haidock, is, shot at 60fps any clips you want to slow down. Shot the clips you want at regular speed. Say 24fps. Edit on a 24fps timeline and all the clips that are 24fps will be normal speed, that 60fps will be slow motion. If you want to ramp up the speed of a portion of a clip to make it normal speed you increase the speed. so it isn’t so slow mo, or slow mo at all.
      Here is a great article
      This should be a big help in explaining and using.

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      The faster the frame rate, the better the slow motion.
      Because you are capturing at 60 frames per second, you need better (stronger / more) light because the shutter is open for half the amount of time if you were shooting @ 30 fps.
      30fps generally gives you a clearer/sharper image and it has less “noise”
      If you shoot mixed frame rates, shoot in common denominators.
      ie 30fps, 60 fps, 120 fps. You will save yourself a lot of heart ache if you do, as some NLE video editing suites cannot handle mixed frame rates – ie 24 fps, 25 fps 60 fps – or variable frame rates in the same project.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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