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      I am trying to achieve a slow motion to normal speed look that is in this video. Check the videos to see the look I am talking about.

      Skip to 2:17-2:25.

      Skip 1:02 to 1:08

      Can anyone tell me there work flow from capturing to editing?

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      I use Sony Vegas Pro and it has a playback option called Velocity Envelope. This tool allows me go anywhere from -100% to +300% of the normal speed of the clip. It also lets me change speed instantly or over a desired period of time. For example, playing back at 25% speed and then, over a period of 1 second, ramp it up to 100%. This is easily accomplished with the Velocity Envelope tool.


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      I use Premiere and all you have to do is change the speed of the clip to slow mo then cut at the part where you want to go to normal speed then normalize the speed.

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