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      Trying to figure out best practice to create a few smooth reveal shots indoors on a motorized slider to show a room revealing sideways via the open door from the room I have the camera in. I am sliding sideways. Doing the slide veeeery slow of course looks good but as soon as I run the slider at the speed I want the video stutters sideways on low frame rates, even 50fps. 100 looks good but my camera a7r II only records 50mps on 100fps and youtube compresses the heck out of the 100fps and it gets really blocky. It sound like I need something like 100p at 100mbps to have the bandwith enough that the details does not get blocky all over and so that youtube perhaps can compress the amount they need and I still end up with usable footage when compression is done by their servers.

      I can pre-set the exact motion and speed on the slide controller.

      Doing this only for youtube/vimeo so should I consider NTSC just for the higher framerate?
      I could perhaps run the motion at 50% speed of what I would like and then speed it all up in post edit and perhaps get smooth slide with good data-bandwith but then I have to guess how it looks after post since I dont have “live – final cut pro edit” on my camera 🙂
      Other things I should mess with?
      My apple cinema display seems to be 60fps (here in europe), does it matter on the end result in how it looks to my eye if my specific monitor has different frame rate than the video?
      My camera wants to by default capture at either 50 or 100fps, sounds like it will look weird by default on a 60hz screen?
      By the way, when uploading my 100p movie to youtube it came out as 60p when published. Why does not youtube divide by 1/2 = 50p? Seems like it would make more sense since it is not usually advised to convert frame rates un-evenly.

      Lots of messy questions there but, yea, chip in and answer whatever you can clarify and I would be glad! =)

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      Space Racer

      First, make sure you wait a couple of days before you view on youtube. Many people feel that the site puts up a quick compression first so you can see it right away and then later replaces it with a higher quality compressed file.
      But it also sounds like you’re running into the camera moving too fast problem. The camera can only capture a certain amount of movement before you get weirdness. Have you tried a slower shutter speed to get more motion blur? Or you you could shoot a big, high-res of the entire scene (stitching if necessary) and pan across it in your editing system.

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      Well it seems the only way is to move really slow. It depends on distance of course, closer objects are moving faster in the frame and the dont move smooth, objects a few meters away mover very smooth. I was not moving fast at all on the slider, but perhaps I was expecting a super smooth footage everywhere in the frame.

      A shame really that the camera only shoots 100fps in 720p so for full hd I have have to use 50fps at 50mb data rate. Guess I just have to stand further away from the closest object.
      Speeding up slow movement at 50fps will give me 25fps so that fps will be less smooth just by the fact that it is less frames so + / – = 0…

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