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      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to editing softwares and I would appreciate any help from you guys.

      Here it's my problem:
      I've been trying to display a restaurant menu on a LG TV, but the TV doesn't hold a still jpg on the image mode for more than a few minutes.
      So the solution that I came up with was to create a video that shows the same frame for about 6 hours. All tries that I did so far have resulted in huge files since the initial jpg is in high resolution. Is there any way that I can create a video displaying the same frame over and over again for 6 hours without ending up with a 5Gb file?
      Thanks again!

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      View in tv slides settings how to have your jpg play longer.

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      Make a DVD from the still frame. You only need a minute or so of the still and then loop the DVD for continuous playback.



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      Is display " burn in " a potential problem here?


      Rick Crampton

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      Plasma monitors will burn in fairly quickly.

      LCD monitors are not as susceptible but will still suffer from it eventually.

      Not sure aboutr LED monitors.



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      You will see burn-in in just a few days of continuous video – especially on a consumer LCD monitor.  But if it's a static image, you can compress the heck out of it and you won't see much video degradation.


      But that is not the way I woud display a static image such as a menu.  You should be looking at a solid-state media player that is designed for Digital Signage, like this one:


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