Single-Camera Technique question – What camera and accessories should I get?

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      Hi, after lurking around on the forums a bit. I was happy to read some of brunerww's suggestions on what types of cameras to buy for filmming and came to a conclusion that his recommendations for the G3 or G6 seems like a reasonable price camera to get for its quality.

      I guess my question is, would these camera be good for scenes and documentary type shorts that are of the type Single-Camera technique filmming similar to "The Office" and "Modern Family"?

      Also, after choosing the camera, what complimentary setups/rig and accessories would I need to get to produce such films.


      P.S I am aiming for a budget under $1,500 (although anything cheaper would be awesome since I am a complete novice in this field)


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      I'd second what mcrockett said–the camera you use is far less important than your shooting and editing technique. I've seen surprisingly good stuff that was shot on point-and-shoot cameras and GoPros–but it was shot and edited well.

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      Thank you for all your comments!


      Looks like I am settling for the G6 and have a few question about the accessory purchases.

      For the microphone it seems like this is the direction I am going. Would I need anything else or would this work right out of the box and attach to the G6?

      Any tripod recommendations that would work well btw?

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           Well, that microphone requires an XLR cable, and the G6's audio input is a 1/8" jack.  However, you should be able to find an XLR female to 1/8" male cable on B&H's website.  You'll probably want it on a boom, so as to get closer to the subject without being on camera.  Even though these mics have a narrow pickup pattern, they don't have any magic to make the subject sound closer.

           As far as tripods go, I've been pretty happy with the Magnus VT-4000.  It's a fluid-head tripod, as I said before you would want.

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           Thinking more on your choice of microphone, that mic will most likely require phantom power, something that the G6 will not provide.  If you are going to use a shotgun mic like that, you will need to consider using a camera that has XLR inputs for microphones, that also provides phantom power, OR record your audio into an audio recording device that provides phantom power over XLR and then sync up the video and audio in post production.

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      Hi Chumlychum,

           The camera that you use to take your footage is, for the most part, irrelevant, as long as certain settings can be tweaked.  That sort of "mockumentary" look that you see in shows like "The Office" is achieved by tweaking your shutter speed for that smoother looking motion, and then compensating for light by changing the exposure.  Where the G6 is a camera in which these settings can be manually set, you should be able to create that kind of look.

           As for accessories, you'll obviously want to use a tripod.  Go for one with a fluid head.  If there are times when you need to go hand-held, look for some sort of stabilizer like a steadicam.  You can look at reviews of the products to see what other users think of them.

           I hope this information helps.

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