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      Help. My client requires end-of- session raw media in HD/SSD and DV/DVD.  As such, I am looking for an HD camcorder that outputs HDMI (into a Nina 2) and A/V into a portable DVD burner.  Can't wait for post.   I must simpy hand over an SSD/HDD and DVDs.   Sessions can go up to 2hrs continious and 7 hrs per day.  Also must display date and timestamps in video,. Reasonable quality (1/3" CMOS) ok.  Again, either or is not ok.  Must be simultaneos. Thanks, Bob


      P.S. Is anyone aware of a reliable HDMI downconverter?  I could use the Ninja 2 HDMI out/thru into a converter, which would then send scaled NTSC composite out to the DVD rcorder.   Other ideas?

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