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      On the quest to find the the perfect slider for me, I finally came across this one.
      The EzSlider by EZFX.

      I've spent a lot of time working with the EZSlider and with out hesitation, it's the Fastest, Most versatile, SMOOTHEST slider I have put my hands on!.

      Now I own a Dana Dolly and a Modern Studio dolly, which I have used for years and I got a lot of good shots with them. But when Steve over at EzFX gave me the opportunity to try out there new EzSlider… I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

      First thing that took me was how SMOOOOTH it was. The design of the wheels and bearings used to make them turn, is remarkable. The ability to jump from speed rail track straight to the ground or table top, flawlessly and FAST, had me giggling with excitement. The ability to handle any load I threw at it without performance issues was awesome! In fact it really performs best at heavier loads. I ran a stripped down C300 all the way up to both a fully Loaded Sony F65 and Alexa XT and it performed perfectly if not better then the lighter cameras and the mounts for my heads are all interchangeable -75mm, 100mm, 150mm & Mitchell Mount. So I used a Sachlter DV4 75mm, Oconnor 1030B 100mm, Sachlter Video 25 150mm, and Oconner 2575C with Michell Mount.. AMAZING

      In Addition, it came with a well built powerful motor with with Variable speed remote for TIMELAPSE…YUP Gear Driven Variable speed Timelapse… SWEET.. I used this a LOT.. While crew was setting up for the next scene, I would et up the EzSlider with the C300 with a 16-35 and run Timelapse of them setting up and tearing down for each scene.. Set it and For get it..

      There was a low dolly shot I wanted of feet going up a flight of stairs and with the Tilting Platform of the EzSlider.. The shot came off perfect and FAST.. Lay down track, Tilt platform and ROLL… I did a few timelapse at a incline and it was perfect.

      So just throwing that out there. Not many people know about this slider and I think more people should!! I do not work for EZFX I'm just a very satisfied Customer.. Check it out!

      Bobby Holbrook

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      Nice information!!! Filmcity roller dolly is great invention. I've been looking for getting a slider and dolly for my video productions for about a year. Most were very expensive.
      I purchased dolly slider from Filmcity. This comes at a great price and delivers on quality. The slider moves the camera very smoothly. It was very well made and the shipment came to me very quickly.


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