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      Will G Santiago

      On weddings is it more better to shoot VideoCameras on Manual especially during the Ceremony? if so what is the widely used shutter speed on weddings during ceremony for it not to be too jerky (fast shutter) or a bit too blurry (slow shutter)?

      Is there also a rule of thumb on Videography like in Photography where in the shutter used on the camera settings should be atleast equal or faster that the lens focal length to avoid image blur.

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      It's a good idea to shoot on Manual as much as possible.


      On auto the camera will seek something to focus on and this is especially problematic if there are things that flash or glitter. At a wedding candles are your worst enemy: you'll point the camera at the bride and the camera will attempt to focus on the flickering candle.


      With manual focus, zoom in as tight as you can and focus on an object in the background. When you zoom out you should stay in focus through the entire range of the zoom. Try it and see how this works.


      Another advantage of shooting in Manual mode is that you have control over the iris. This can be extremely useful when shooting at the reception, where the lighting may be extremely low. You can also increase the gain in low light conditions, although I would not recommend going above 6db; higher than this and you'll probably introduce noise in the blacks.


      I always, without exception, shoot with my audio in manual mode. In auto gain the camera seeks sound. What this means is that if things get very quiet the camera automatically increases the gain, introducing audio noise into the recording. Also, in auto audio mode the camera increases the gain listening for a sound, then abruptly lowers the gain when it "hears" something, creating a rollercoaster effect in the audio.


      More often than not, I shoot everything with a shutter speed of 1/60 (60.) I can't remember a time when this has caused/enabled image blur. I would personally only change this if I were seeking a special effect of some kind — e.g., blur.



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      Will G Santiago

      Wow Thanks Mr. Jack Wolcott for the help! I'll surely try what you taught me. thanks so much for your time answering! God Bless you sir.

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      [quote=Will G Santiago]

       . . . "  what is the widely used shutter speed on weddings during ceremony for it not to be too jerky (fast shutter) or a bit too blurry (slow shutter)? "


      Are you shooting in 24P? If so, why?


      Rick Crampton


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      Will G Santiago

      actually im just a beginner, i havent really tried taking that much footage yet. Im just asking the things i read on the net. what is 24P?

      are there any rules to follow in videography? guidelines? so i won't learn it thru a mistake. 

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      This is not about wedding shooting but relates.  I shoot performances usigng a DSLR in available stage lighting.  More often than not this is nowhere near optimum.  I end up with the aperture as wide as the lens allows (F/4 for my zoom) leaving me only the shutter speed and ISO to play with.  Generally I end up at either ISO 3200 and 1/60 or ISO 1600 and 1/30.  I have come to the conclusion that the blocked up blacks and noise at 3200 is more objectionable than the increased motion blur at 1/30 second.  I would love to hear others observations on this situation.

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