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      Hey everyone! My name is Chas Rogers,


      I just wanted to extend an invitation for anyone who is interested in the stock footage industry to tune in this Friday. Shutterstock is hosting a livestream conversation with stock footage producer Robb Crocker, CEO of Uberstock, at the Shutterstock headquarters in New York City. If anyone is on the east coast and would like to see the event in person, tickets are free and so is the beer and wine! However seating is limited, so if you are interested just click this link and reserve your spot.

      At this Shutterstock conversation Robb will be discussing the best practices in stock footage production and how you can develop your personal style to carve out a competitive advantage in the industry. There will also be Q&A from the crowd as well those logged in on livestream.

      Anyone who want to wants to check out the livestream from home just go to this link.

      This is great for opportunity for anyone interested in stock or looking push their stock portfolio to the next level to get firsthand knowledge from someone who used his skills in photography and cinematography to generate millions of dollars shooting stock footage as a side business.

      If anyone has any questions feel free to hit me up on my email:

      Or social media



      Thank you all very much

      Chas Rogers 

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