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      Hi there


      I am using a Sony HXR-NX30P semi pro camera. It has quite a good viewer, but recently I have been considering purchasing an external field monitor. I am wondering what the opinion of more experienced users might be as to the worth of this idea and also if I was to purchase one what models, size etc, should I Iook at with dollar value being high on my list. I would probably mount it to the side of my manfrotto MVH502AH fluid head.


      Thanks for any help

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      I have a 7" Marshall monitor that I use with 2 Canon cameras. Adding a field monitor has made it easier for the people I work with to see whats going on. When I'm by myself I only use it when I've a static set up and I'm not in a rush, or just want to show a more impressive set-up. The most essential use I have for the monitor is in conjunction with a lanc controller when using a jib crane. So, IMHO, if you use a crane or regularly have people watching over your shoulder, get a monitor. If you don't, the fascination with them soon yields to set-up expediency. 

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      I have a cheap monitor that does the job. The delays are certainly annoying and the drop to 480 SUCKS, but a movable 7″ monitor is much easier to use on set than the 3″ LCD.

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