Should i be asking for a fee for use of my holiday footage?

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      Hi guys,


      Been searching around on here and have some great points but thought I'd ask specifically.


      I company in the US has reached out to me asking for rights to use a (Monetised) YouTube video of mine fore a Japanese TV show. They have asked for it for free with the following:


      "Non-exclusive 1 year term, with rerun and promotional use, for Japan television broadcast"


      My question is should i be asking for a fee? or at least a contract?


      The video is from 2009 and not HD. Though the content is from Inside a working prison in South America on a tour with an inmate and gaurds. So it's quite unique and I'd imagine tough to get elsewhere.


      Would love some professional thoughts.

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      If you have a business license, I’d say definitely. If you plan on getting one, I’d say probably. It’s entirely up to you. Since it’s an international affair, take your time deciding. Good luck!!!

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      If you allow the BBC or ITV to use footage for free, then at least you may get the qdos of watching it go out. If it goes out abroad, you get no fee, and don't benefit from it at all. So personally I'd ask for a fee – especially as they want to use it for re-runs and promos. If they say no, you have lost nothing at all. You don't need to ask for much, but whatever you ask for, also require an end credit. International programmes have a nasty habit of being picked up and broadcast elsewhere, and they'll make money by using your material for free. I think my contract negotiations with the broadcasters are running abiout 50/50. Their rights tend to be any territory, in perpetuity, rather than a limited period. 

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      Ask for a fee, but first find out how the network intends to use the footage, It's your right to do so, and really, you should have the details before permitting use.


      In today's world, a fee is all you can expect; residuals are not realistic, so the only conditions a contract might specify is planned use, length of use and control of subsidiary rights; i.e., no further sales.



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