Shot at 1080/50i on a sony video camera but imported as 25fps in Premiere PRO and not 50fps. Why?

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I shot video on my Sony PXW-X70 camera. The settings were 1080/50i FX.
I set it at 50i as I wanted to slow down the footage in post.

But when I imported the clips into Premiere Pro, all of the clips were in 25fps and not 50fps.
Why is that? Can I change them?

The clips in the camera still say 50i but in Premiere, it's 25fps.

Any help appreciated!!

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You've made an error in your understanding of framerates. You see, 50i is 25FPS.

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To elaborate. 50i is interlaced footage. Two interlaced fields per frame gives you 25fps. You need to shoot at 50p which will give you 50fps.

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