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      Would love some feedback on two short doc/profile pieces i've edited recently.
      Thanks πŸ™‚
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      I watched "The Guru" and loved it. Tell us more about your workflow? I'd love to learn from you on how you did what you did. It seems like every shot has motion to it, are you using a slider?

      Did you have two cameras for the interview, did you run them yourself or have another shooter with you? 

      Loved the piece and would love to hear more of the technical stuff behind it! Thanks!

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      Hey! thanks for the feedback (glad you enjoyed the films!)


      Majority of the B-roll stuff was shot either on a handheld rig or slider (some on monopod)


      Everything was shot with two cameras. The wide on a slider/tripod and the second cam on a monopod.


      Thanks again.

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      If you liked those you might also like the latest edit from the Factory Film series



      Hope you like it!
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