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      Hey guys,


      with friends, we decided to shoot a short film, but before the actual shooting we thought to make a little test as this is our first project ever. I made a little mistake while rendering and quality of the video came out a bit low. Is the test video any good or should we stop immediately? πŸ˜€



      Test video:

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      Not too bad for your first effort, but that doesn't mean it couldn't use some work. The first edit seemed completely unnecessary. I understand that fight scenes are heavily edited today but if you're going to do it you should also give a dramatic reason for it (i.e. different camera angle, wider or tighter shot). If you were just trying to avoid a bad second half of the take and you know you were going to have to edit it out while you were filming, then do the entire take over or do what I mentioned above. At the end, just before the final kick, you seem to break the 180 degree rule. This lead to some confusion as to who was kicking who. If you don't know about this rule you should learn about it before venturing into filming. It might also help if they were dressed differently. Although they had different outfits they weren't distinguishable enough. Of course if I had gotten to know them via a storyline before the fight, I probably wouldn't have had such a hard time. Though you chose some good camera angles to make it look like the characters were being hit (I assume without actually being hit) I never got the impression that they were actually feeling the blows. You might want to have them react to the hits, a flinch or something. Still, not bad for a first effort. Hope this was of some help. Good luck.

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