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      Just last week, I was at a late afternoon football game (Junior Varsity) and I spotted a man on the top row behind me shooting video with his iPad. Being curious, I went up to him at half-time and asked him about his rig. He showed me his iOgrapher case which clasps onto his iPad and which has two separate screw-in lenses–one telephoto and one wide angle. He bought it online for $119. He showed me several clips he had just shot, and the quality was amazing. Granted, it was daylight, so I don’t know how well it would do in low light.
      I forgot to ask him about the resolution, so I’m asking here. Does anyone know what resolution an iPad can deliver in video mode? My wife has an iPad Mini 2 and I’m thinking about getting the iOgrapher kit to shoot some video with it. I have three Panasonic DVX100 cameras I have been using for years, but I want to step up to at least HD quality. Would a couple of iPads do the trick?
      Thanks for any info.

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