Shooting the Moon?

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      Anyone else up shooting the "Harvest/Blue" moon? I only got one shot at the super moon this year and got real lucky. We have some cloud cover issues again for this moon but I'm giving it a few tries. 


      Here is what I ended up with on the super moon this year and in the morning I'll go through the timelapses and see what I got tonight. Kind of rough having to stay up and shoot and shot to try and get something not to covered up by clouds.


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      Well I actually got a few good time lapses last night. Shooting the moon with clouds can be a bit tricky as you get changes in brightness from the clouds changing and you can get either exposure blow outs or crush everything to black. I usually set just a tad under exposed for clear spots and hope for the best.


      I like moon timelapses, they are a great segway piece and have different moods than using sunsets or just clouds in the sky. You can really change them a lot with contrast and color grading to suit a lot of different moods.


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