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      Hello everyone

      I’ve been meaning to join a Forum in ages – and now have a query so thought that time is now !!

      My name is Andy and I’ve been in love with video since the early 90’s – I shoot on anything I can get my hands on – Super 8 – iPhone – Film – Digital (all just at hobby status)

      I shot a video on Saturday for my wife’s business using three soft boxes lit with Fluorescent bulbs – and shot on a basic hobby JVC video camera

      I am pleased with the results however there is a dark haze that travels down the screen – and repeats

      I edit via Pinnacle 19

      What else can I tell you – I am happy to upload the video if you want to see it?

      Really appreciate any help or advice you can give


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      While I can’t pin point the reason for the dark haze. Hardware obviously plays a part in what comes out.

      A hobby camera won’t do the job as a 2,000 dollar camera. Though things like that usually show up on the cameras video monitor.

      How much wattage did the 3 softboxes contain. You need a lot of wattage if shooting inside, the wider the shot the more wattage.
      Are you able to set the White Balance on the camera and did you?

      Did you try to recreate the environment, framing and lighting set up as close as you could then do an experimental shoot?
      That would help to see if the same problem occurred again

      Sorry I can’t diagnose why the dark haze, even if I saw the video It wouldn’t help me.
      But unless a real professional chimes in. Repeating what you did even if it can’t be at the same place may shed some light or dark haze on the problem.

      All the best

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      Thanks for the comments – I did experiment with the settings but the FLO setting give the video a heavy blue cast and the ‘whitest’ look was auto so I left it on auto

      I can only describe it as when trying to video the TV as a kid and you get that line that comes down the screen.

      Lights are good and very bright

      I’ll have to set up again and give it another go

      Thanks – has anyone else has similar issues?

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      Does the dark haze show up on the original video or only after editing?
      A link to a short clip via Dropbox or similar site (no YouTube – source video only) might help us to help you better.


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      You describe the fault condition as “a dark haze that travels down the screen – and repeats” That sounds very much like an induced AC power supply problem that can be generally supressed by using an AC filter between the power socket and the equipment.

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      AvatarSpace Racer

      Do you get the same problem when shooting at your home with those lights?
      It could be that you’re shooting out of sync with the frequency of your local electricity. Luckily, many cameras have an anti-flicker setting that lets you choose between 50hz and 60hz power. In North America our power is sent out at 60 hz while Europe and most of the rest of the world is at 50hz.
      The other issue might be that if you wife works at a factory, a mining company or some other kind of high-electric usage environment, the power could be something completely different.
      Try shooting with only the office lights on and see what happens.

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      Can you try another camcorder and see if the same effect occurs.
      I had an older JVC cheap consumer grade mini 8 that the sensor went bad causing something similar. Not seeing video only guessing.

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      I assume you have solved the problem

      i forgot to ask if you were using regular florescent or florescent for video lighting.

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