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      Well this is my first post…
      I'm very new to making videos, started last year. My first videos were glorified home-movies at best. But during the winter break, i picked up a new camera (Canon SX40hs) and some new hardware. As well my videos, look and feel much better!
      I shoot video for Drifting. What im really here for is to learn more about all aspects of shooting/editing video, while applying what ive learned to my drifting videos. 
      Is there anyone here that shoots drifting as well? Not sure what drifting is? Ive attached one of my latest videos.
      Extreme Criticism is highly accepted, as i am trying to better myself. 
      Thanks for looking. 
      -Brett W.
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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      This is slick, Bravo! Love the slow motion.

      I saw a few GoPros on some of those cars. Did you get to see any of their footage?


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      Thank you Mike! Any critiquing comments? I know I have alot to learn, and it probably does show. The feedback I have recieved from this video is quite reassuring, and confindence boosting. 


      Yes, I did get to see some of the footage from others, very cool. If you search opening moves 2013 on youtube you can see what they have done with them. I have a few mountables at my disposal but did not get an oppurtinity to use them that day. 



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      What type of lenses are you using on the Canon SX40hs? Does it shoot that slow motion in camera?

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      Well the SX40hs really will only accept filters. It has a zoom lense built in to it. So i was just using a UV filter. Yes, it has the ability to shoot in 120fps and 240fps. The quality is really low at 240 and at 120 its good enough. I believe res. is at 720p at 120fps. 

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      Very cool, thanks for your response!

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