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      Hello Videomakers,


      Did you have any experience with those stock royalty free audio marketplaces I discovered recently and listed below and have something to share with me and others:


      Neosound and Audiosocket seem to be decent stocks with decent prices, but I'm still researching them and can't tell neither pros nor cons.


      My personal favourite is because of lightning fast interface and smart search, but it has not a very large selection (may be it's too young yet?). Recently I was attracted by a promo of giving away $800 worth music and audio for free ( Seems this stock especially has a great perspective and potential.


      Will be happy to hear any feedback and experience with these stocks, either positivie or negative.




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      Call me cynical,but you joined today and you are telling us about all the great things about luckstock. 

      Sounds more like an add than a question.   Just my 2 cents worth. 
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      Joined today not means I haven't been here for a long as a viewer, right?

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      If that's the case then I apologize.  But I hope you can understad how it can appear as a promotion of a website. 

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      I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions.  


      For royalty free music I use mostly products from Digital Juice. When you catch it on some of their sales it is an exceptional valu.   I also own Sonys Cinescore. Unfortunately they discontinued that product.  It allowed you to generate music to the exact time you needed. 


      I took a few minutes and looked at the neosounds website. It looks interesting.  Ill look at the other two when I have time. .

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      Videomaker offers a free download page

      with lots of website offering free audio and free stock images. Check it out, there might be something there that will help you out in your ventures.



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      Read my post once again, you're right, it has a feeling of a promotion as for a guy with a very first post came to videomaker the same day. I haven't intend to promote, but just wanted to share and listen to others opinions as I'm familiar with a lot of royalty free stock marketplaces around here and those onces are just new for me and may be for others as well πŸ™‚

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      Digital Juice is really great when it comes to their certain promo offer. Did I got their licensing agreement right and they allow to use it in broadcasting and TV with no additional fees to be paid?
      I find the interface of DJ awful, tried to find something particular with no success. Saved in my bookmarks to visit time-to-time for a good offer to catch.
      I didn't wait for others experience and collected myself with two of above. Sharing here, suppose it will help one someday:
      Purchased one item from neosound, these guys are performing well. Though, asked a question through contact form 3 days ago and still waiting for answer.
      Also, got one item with wide license at luckstock, everything went flawless and simple. Support team answered my inquiry in minutes.
      Both, and are good in terms of purchased audio quality and could be considered as a source to royalty free music & sound fx.
      Once I give a try to audiosocket, will write back an experience.
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      Thank you, mhageman.


      I'm not a newbie to videomaker and of course I'm already familiar to what videomaker offers and other royalty free stock resources published here.

      Those three ones aren't presented (or weren't at the moment of a post) anywhere on videomaker, that's why I posted a topic here.

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