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      Hi World Filmmakers! 
      I'm in my final year, doing a research on creativity and writer's block, and i would love to hear your personal experiences! Let's share some stuff for the greater good 😀 

      Did you ever get really stuck with an idea, what happened?
      What do you do when you get stuck?
      What helps you when you are feeling down or insecure about your creativity?
      What's the worst procrastination you've had and why did it happen?
      Where do you get your inspiration from?

      Let's learn from each other 🙂 

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      Time is my best solution.  I've been working on a project (Pompeii) for 4 years.  I am just now starting to assemble how I want the video portray the town and its residents.


      I have so many competing facets, it's taken a while for me to sort my priorities.  


      Running help me to let go and produce solutions.


      My inspiration comes from other producers and my own experience.  I don't, as a general rule, create fictional material.  Good luck!

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      Hi filmmakers,

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