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      Hi, I need help and suggestions on finding a strategy to make the best out of my resources.
      I need to make videos of interviews in  psycologist theme.
      There will be interviewer and guest.
      The scenary will be probably 2 chair in front of each other.. background don't not yet. I'd like it something black with some colour may be.
      Now, I have 2 dslr a canon 5mk2 and nikon d5100- also a videomic rode.
      How can I setup to make the most of all?
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      Lighting two camera interviews properly is perhaps one of the toughest things to do.  

      Honestly, you would probably do well to hire an experience gaffer with a small grip and electric package for the day.



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      well, we can't invest money and we have to arrange with what is available.Light an set generally is something to sort, not easy, must do in house..any hnt appreciateso you think is it managebale to use 2 differentr quality cameras…will video suit together in light and resolution?

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      If you must use available light, I'd suggest shooting outside or in an attractive, well-lit space.  If you don't have lights, it's simply not possible to propperly shoot an indoor interview.  Different cameras can usually be color corrected close enough to make something work.  Honestly, if you have no gear to work with, mismatched cameras are the least of your problems.  Good luck. πŸ™‚



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      Not having money is rarely an excuse these days.  You can put together a very inexpensive lighting setup with a quick trip to Lowes or Home Depot if you don't have any lights. 


      You will want to do a 3 point lighting setup on the person you are interviewing.  Put a lot of distance between them and the background so there is a shallow depth of field on your shot. I also suggest some sort of light for the background to "pretty" it up some.  Simple Christmas lights strung randomly on a black backdrop can work well.  Make sure the person being interviewed always looks at the person interviewing them – NOT the camera.  Allow 'nose room' on your shot when framing the people.


      I assume this is not live, so if lighting both people at the same time is an issue, I would light the interviewee first, get the shot perfect, and then ask all the questions and record their answers.  Then I would move the lights and get the shot for the interviewer and have them repeat the questions.  I would also have them do a few silent shots where they are just nodding their head in response to the answers.  Then take that footage into your editor and paste it all together.  Voila…the power of editing.



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      AvatarAviv Vana

      You can look up lights like these which will cost you VERY little.



      Put one light as a keylight for each person (and it will act as a fill light for the other person). 


      You can also do outdoor (but sun will be difficult).


      You can also do indoor by an area where there is large windows and use the sunlight to light your subjects. Make sure your cameras are pointed awary from the windows and the subjects faces are being lit by the light coming in.


      Good luck.

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      The one issue that no one mentioned is your choice of microphone.

      I've done hundreds of interviews during my career and would never ever use a mic like you plan to use.

      If you can't afford to buy, go to your local pro audio shop and rent two good lavaliere mics. The sound quality will be MUCH better.



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