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      I'm new to video editing and I'm trying to make sure i have good settings for whenever i use Sony Vegas Pro 12.
      My computer has 12GB of ram at 1600MHZ
      My processor has 6 cores
      My graphics card is a Radeon HD 6870 1GB

      Also, i'm wondering what a good Stabilizer would be that's either on Sony Vegas or a VST i could get to use on Sony Vegas Pro.

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      There are two good stabilizers out there with one being free and the other a paid one.

      The free one is called Deshaker and is available at

      The paid one is Mercali and is available from,l-us.xhtml

      FYI, no one likes the stabilizer that's built into Vegas Pro as they feel that it zooms in too much when it does its thing.



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