Selling Video CD on Amazon?

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      Will I have to add a barcode on my Documentery's Video CD to be able to sell it on Amazon? 

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      If you desparetly want to sell your Documentary through Amazon then you will have to get UPC/EAN/ISBN Barocodes. You will not be able to list your CDs/DVDs on Amazon without a barcode. You can check more information regarding CD/DVD Barcodes here

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      there is a post talking about the barcode issue on CDs. Hope it will help you a little.














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      Hey there, I setup some sales DVD's on Amazon a couple of years ago.  I purchased a few barcodes through an online service and had no issues.  


      I did learn a little trick though, you need to be a paying merchant account to create new products from scratch, however, once you have created your product, you can downgrade your account to a free seller account and you can still keep your custom product in the catalog (which basically saves you about $50 per month).  


      We have had a few sales through amazon, but there weren't as many as we had hoped initially. We get alot more sales through our main site.   


      Hope that helps a bit!

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      I've got my DVD's on sale at until they stopped that kind of business.

      On the other hand I may recommend the Kunaki CD and DVD manufacturing service ( Their product is good, and the service model is very straightforward. They can ship your order directly to Amazon if you wish.


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      DVDs can have either a UPC or ISBN or both, depending which markets you sell to. The UPC is needed for sales on Amazon. To obtain a valid UPC, I recommend . I've used them, they are legit and their pricing is more than fair. Their UPCs are accepted by Amazon.


      When you list a media item on Amazon they will provide you with their own fulfillment barcode if you choose to have them provide fulfillment. You'll print these yourself or have Amazon add them if you prefer, for a small fee. The service is called FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and I highly recommend using it. It will increase your sales and visibility on Amazon. Many Amazon customers are members of the Prime program which gives them two-day shipping for free.


      As a merchant of four years on Amazon, I will say that selling on there is not for the faint of heart. Some customers can be real a**holes, but the majority are loyal to Amazon, which is why the FBA option is worth looking at, because the good customers like Amazon fulfillment.

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      Gosh, I hate to say it, but it took about 2 seconds to google and one of the top links came this one.



      Best explanation I seen!

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      I always rely on some online retailers ( I know which directs to the main products that has good reviews.

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