selling corporate video door to door?

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      i have a video production company.  i get most of my sales by hitting the streets and going business to business with a quick pitch.  i was out with a friend of mine and he thought i should put together a step-by-step training video with live footage of me in action.  if you have your own video business – is this something you would be interested in seeing?  my wife thinks it would bore people to tears but i think some would find it useful.  thoughts?

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      I think it'd be pretty interesting. In fact, it could be good information for anyone with a smaller scale B2B company.

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      Why don't you just rough up the outline and wing a 3min section and put it up.  I'm intrested in the topic and would be happy to give you feedback.  ~ Peter 

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      An effective video will provide your viewer understanding of services and the purpose for the video. Also storyline makes them interesting for watching. Effective video is ultimately the one your viewers will watch

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      Where is the video? I am going out Monday for a meeting with a potential client so we'll how that goes. Any tips on closing deals? Charging clients?

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