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      I have home videos created with a Panasonic AG DVX 100
      I would like to transfer them to my media server so I can view them on my Sony 4k TV
      I currently have Adobe Premier 10 on a Win7 PC
      My questions are as follows
      1. What is the cheapest/best way to connect the Panasonic’s firewire output to my PC which does not have firewire input?
      2. What software and settings do you recommend? Premiere 10 tops out at 720p60
      3. Anything else I should be considering?

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      Purchase a firewire card for your computer.

      I don’t use Premiere so someone else will have to respond to questions 2 and 3.

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      Don’t you have a 1080/30 preset you can use? H264 seems a useful preset on Premiere CC. In fairness there’s no real point going above 1080 unless you really want a tiny bit extra. Most 4K performance is a bit less than they claim. At a recent training session on Sony 4K professional cameras, they didn’t have any domestic monitors that could show the full dynamic range – so while they’re good, the source material is currently not quite there. 4K cameras generating 4K pixels, that the display kit can’t quite manage….. yet.

      I don’t know the limits on Premiere 10, but surely there are some 1080 presets in there? With the ;ens on your camera, 1080 seems a sensible choice.

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      Doesn’t this forum have any mods that can delete spam answers from poster’s questions? There isn’t that much traffic on here. This thread has 3 legit answers and seven spam answers.

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        We try out best, Bob πŸ™‚ Thanks for bringing attention to this post specifically.

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        Thanks for your reply.

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