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      I will be filming Mixed Martial Arts and Pro-Wrestling events. The film will be used for DVDs and also website publication. Do you have any advice on what type of camera and equipment should be used for filming such events. Most events will be filmed in low light armories and high schools. My productions will be used to increase the appearance of a low budget promotion and make it appear to be a high grossing company.

      What advice do you have?

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      Hi Brandon,

           In the vast sea of videogrophers, a somewhat open question like that is going to get you a great many varying answers, as all videographers have differing styles, differing tastes, and differing preferences in the equipment that they use.

           That said, I can tell you what I use.  I primarily video live events, with the occasional wedding or product promotion.  I use 2 cameras.  For my static wide shot, I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2.  It's an older camera, but a good one.  Panasonic recently released the GH4, over which I have secreted much drool, but haven't made the purchase yet.  I would highly recommend the GH4, as it is the newest model in the line.  It is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC), that shoots very good video, up to 4K resolution.  It looks like a still camera, which it is, but Panasonic has made it clear that it was created for video production.  You can also purchase a docking device for it that gives you even more functionality, like XLR inputs and audio controls.

           For my pan and zoom shots, I use the Sony HXR-NX30u.  It is a very compact camera, but it has a lot of pro features that will serve you well.  It comes with a basic, but useful, shotgun microphone that mounts on a detachable audio block that has dual XLR inputs and manual controls, and provides phantom power.

           You'll need a good tripod.  Make sure you get one with a fluid head.  The Magnus VT-4000 gives you good bang for your buck.

           If you do any hand-held shooting, you'll want a hand-held stabilizer, like the Glidecam HD4000 or similar.  There is a vest that can be purchased for it that gives you stabilization that attaches to your body, instead of having to carry the weight in your hands, but may not be necessary for you.  In any case, do the research and decide for yourself if it's something you would need.

           I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the equipment that I use.

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      Hi buchananbrandon – my advice is close to mcrockett's.  If you want results like this:






      I recommend the $1100 (as of this post) Panasonic GH3.  This video was shot with the $1000 Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 lens.



      If the GH3 is too expensive, its little brother, the ~$650 Panasonic G6 can give you close to the same image quality, as seen here:





      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution




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