Seeking advice on how to create a Live Broadcasting setup

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Can anyone tell me what I need to buy to be able to create a miniature version of a global Live Broadcast with two televisions receiving this broadcast?

In this setup, I want to reproduce a global News Broadcast that’s made by, say, CNN in Atlanta, USA. Furthermore, I want two televisions to watch this broadcast. This could be a household in London and a household in Berlin.

So far, I reckon I need the following:

  1. One camera (representing the camera that's being used to record the News Broadcast)
  2. Two televisions

What do I further need to buy to be able to realize this setup? I will here describe my knowledge of Live Broadcasting on the sender and receiver side of the broadcast. Perhaps you can help me identify the rest I need to buy:


It is my understanding that Live Broadcasting works with a Prism System and a Charged Coupled Device (CDD), which “catches” the colours that are seen through the camera lens. The prism system and CDD are inside the camera. An encoder makes a combined signal or a code of the three colours (red, green, blue), which is then send into a transmitter. The Transmitter then sends the combined signal then produces a television signal with both video and audio signals that are broadcast through an antenna.


Now that the signal is sent to global markets, my knowledge gets a little limited. I imagine that the two countries that receive this signal, i.e. England and Germany, have a national antenna through which a tuner decodes the television signal. I imagine that the television signal is then further send through digital TV cabels in the ground. Households receive this television signal through the digital TV cable that is connected to their house.

Now, I further imagine I need to buy the following, although I am not sure where you would typically be able to buy these items:

  1. An encoder (is the encoder inside or outside the camera?)
  2. A transmitter (is the transmitter inside or outside the camera?)
  3. An antenna (to send the television signal)
  4. Two antennas (to receive the television signal two different locations, i.e. England and Germany).
  5. Some kind of device that sends the received television signal from Atlanta to digital TV customers to households in England and Germany.


If you have any comments/suggestions/ideas to create this miniature Live Broadcast setup, please write. I am all ears J

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You have totally got the wrong end of the stick. You don't need to know what goes on inside the camera at all. Your understanding is embryonic and vaguely correct, but all this talk of prisms is what happens when you collect information at random. Colour cameras can use a single colour sensor, or use a red, green and blue semsor - which is where a prism is needed to spit the incoming light into 3. It's very expensive and beyond your budget I suspect.

Atlanta to England and Germany is possible on Facebook. You could set up a streaming server on your own website too. 

Nowadays, you can connect a camera to a computer and stream to a huge audience anywhere in the world using Facebook, or other streaming services. You CANNOT use a TV transmitter and use antenna systems. The reason being primarily cost, but also you need licences and you just won't get them.  The equipment needed to transmit a few Watts locally in the same TV system as the broadcasters use would probably be doable for ten thousand or so, but it's simply illegal and impractical even if you have lots of money. However - a webcam, a computer and some software would be very cheap.

If you want to simulate the broadcasters, you also need to be able to switch and mix cameras. A few hundred will get you a switcher, a thousand one that does more. You also need sound facilities - so mic/pre-amp/mixer, monitor speaker, cables and other devices.


Not an easy thing to do if you know very little about how it works. Loads of practical obstacles. Think about your plan - for homes to get your signal, they need to come from where their TV antennas point at. A big site running thousands of Watts probably. The cost of the infrastrcuture would simpoly be crazy, so internet broadcasting is the only option you have, but what you need is somebody local to walk you through the vocabulary, the technicalities and spend your budget. If I wanted two people in America to see a TV style programme from here in england, from scratch - then I could do it for maybe 3 or 4 thousand. If it can be put on youtube and then watched that way - then maybe a second hand camera? It all depends on the quality you a few youtube videos to see how quality levels vary so much. Live is hard to do in a professional style on your own.


What is your budget?