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      Hi guys,
      I'm new on this forum and I'm just a bit in video editing. I have an issue to solve and I'm sure that somebody here has the answer to my question:
      I need to make a simple music video – imagine to have a black background with a vertical white line at the center. Than imagine a second horizontal line close to the bottom. This second horizontal line scroll and change color in according with a specific part of the soundtracks. For ex, if the soundtrack is a song, the horizontal line change color when the track change mood, like from bridge to chorus for example.
      you can see the attached image


      Or you can see this ugly video that I tryed to make using a simple text scrolling and 'underscore' character.



      In any case, I'd like to know if about some video editing software who can make it symple.
      Thank you very much. I hope I choose the righr forum category! If it's not so, I apologize for that.
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