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      Hey Videomaker folks!

      This is Brian from Screenplay Readers. We've been doing script coverage since 1999 and we're now looking to expand our reader team by 1-2 readers. 

      The problem we're up against, and why I'm posting here at Videomaker, is that we've got a lot of candidates in the stack who have screenwriting and development experience, but not a whole lot with practical filmmaking and producing experience as well, which is what we need as we're expanding into more production-based script coverage.

      So I'm going to where the filmmakers are, and that means great sites and forums like Videomaker. 

      If you think you have what it takes to bring some screenwriting/experience AND some production/real-world producing/filmmaking experience to our team, and like the idea of working from anywhere, on your own schedule, check out the business at and then drop us your resume and some sample coverages over at

      Thanks for reading, and don't stop filming!

      Screenplay Readers


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