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Hi guys,
Just an update Vessel has now been accepted into Sci Fi London 2013! So if you are around the area come late April early May check it out!
Thought I'd spread the word on my upcoming Indie Sci Fi Film VESSEL. Shot on the RED Scarlet over two weeks we shot this on an ULTRA modest Microbudget and it will be doing the festival circuit this year. Filmed entirely in Melbourne, Australia we're hoping to get the SCI FI/ Indie film community talking or at the least spreading the word.
Feel free to visit the website and like the Facebook page.
Synopsis: An Alien interfacer, who has the ability to converse with ET's, has until the end of the day to rid himself of his gift or risk succumbing to its terrible side-effect. With that in mind he decides to reconnect with those who used to play a part in his life.


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Wow this looks incredible man! I'm a huge sci fi junkie and I'd totally pay to see this! Keep it up!