Saving HD video project back to DV tape

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      Have 2 Sony Mini-DV HD camcoders. One being the last consumer DV model Sony made: HDR- HC9. Love it! With just about all current camcorders having internal HD or SD card slots with each clip being a file, really miss having linear DV tape as archive. Would love to put finished projects or convert files back to DV tape. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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      Hello David, as a newbie to this forum myself, Welcome!


      Now on to your question, sorry, but why would you want to go "backwards"? With all of the questions being how to get off of DV tape, I dont see the benefit of storing on a DV tape. 


      Sorry that doesnt really help your cause… Im just curious.



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      It may depend on the editing software you use. I know that Sony Vegas has a print to tape option.  I know my old ULead video editing software also had that. 

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