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      Hi guys,

      Just asking a quick question. I’ve been asked to record a film about the local samba Band but I have no audio equipment for the job. I’ve been told there are 4 Snare Drums and 6 Bass Drums. I’ve heard them before and taking a guess the sound is about 100-120 decibels, so that’s another factor.
      I’m currently running on a 700D which is good enough to get the job done, just need audio help.

      You guys got any suggestions/ideas.

      Euan MacPhail.

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      Do you live in or near a major city? Do you have a budget to hire a professional sound person (not a band P.A. operator but a sound recording professional)? Recording good sound is what these folks do every day and they have the knowledge, experience and gear to do the job right the first time.


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      Unfortunately I live rurally and have no professional folks nearby, so I’ll have to get some kit myself. I could get something to attach to my rig or cage. It’s no matter the price along as it’s not massively expensive.

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      Your biggest problem is that for the music to sound ‘right’ the mic setup must be static. With a bigger band like this with many sound sources, the worst sound is when the camera moves and the mics move with it because you hear the individual sources moving and one drum goes up in level, one goes down, and any melody elements get lost amongst the rhythms. If you cannot get a sound man, then a zoom on a mic stand may well give you the best balance, and not get in the way too much.

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      Euan, do you have any recording experience? Do you know anyone that does that could help you?
      One portable mixer (and probably the cheapest one before getting into many thousands of dollars) is the new Zoom F8. It has 8 independent audio channels. I realize that you have 10 instruments to record so you’ll have to double up somewhere πŸ™‚
      B&H has it for $1,000.00
      The other cost will be microphones to record each instrument with and you’ll need the advice of someone that knows what the best mics would be for this particular need.
      If all of this is too much (i.e. expensive) for you, then do as paulears suggested and stick a smaller Zoom recorder on a mic stand in front of them and hope for the best.
      Some experimentation is definitely in order here.
      Good luck with the project.
      FYI, the pro sound guys are always willing to travel to you if that’s a budget option.


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      Multi-track is a big and complex task. Easy enough if you have the kit and experience. We do it all the time, but it takes time to set up, and a big pile of mic stands doesn’t look that nice. The film you are going to make – is it based on studio sessions, or fly on the wall, or what? This may set the production techniques for you?

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      Film is practice sessions (unfortunately in a pub, in a hall area) and out in the open doing performances,. This will probably cost… I could try multi-track. My only real experience is being behind a sound board a couple of times.
      My only worry is the mics peaking inside, outside should be fine.
      I’m considering micing up a few of the drums (3-4).
      Sorry, I’m a bit of an audio newbie.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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