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      I have been trying to get my videography business off the ground. I specialize in creating photo montages for a variety of events and celebrations, but I also do event videography. I want to make a name for myself in the community as the go to guy for photo montages and video.


      In the past 12 months I had a wedsite created, I created marketing materials, I got a few tshirts made that I wear when I am working events. I created a facebook page for my business, I am on Yelp, Etsy, and Angie's List all promoting my Photo Montages. I have gotten a few gigs by word of mouth and I have become a fixture at my son's school recording field trips and performances.


      I want to tap into Funeral Parlors and Churches, for my memorial tributes, advertising is really expensive at this point in my business. I have offered discounts for pre orders, and over the summer I put over 600 flyers on cars and various events.


      I have contacted several events in Southern California, and I got turned down every time. I know with the economy places are not budgeting for videography. I recently got discouraged and almost decided that all this is not worth it, but I do not have any decent skills in any other area. And I really like doing this, however I find myself doing more free gigs with the hopes of something paying off, just to stay busy and practice my skills but at the end of the day I am pissed off because there is no money coming in. I fully underdstand that 1 year is not enough to start complaining, but it is fustrating. I have created some fun stuff and the people that have hired me seemed to enjoy it, but I am just not getting the volume I thought I would be getting, especially since I think photo montages are something many people could use for a whole multitude of events.


      I need to step it up in 2013 and any suggestions would be very welcomed.




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      Mark, this question has been addressed in many forums; you're not alone in your struggle. Here are some thoughts and some strategies that we have found effective in promoting our business.


      1) If you are a church-goer, make sure every person in the congregation knows what you do. Make sure they've seen your work, too. Show a church related photo montage at church functions. Doesn't have to be long. One way to do this is have it playing on a TV at the side of the room.


      2) Go to Senior Centers and do a talk on preserving family photos and family memories via a photo montage. Take short examples showing different approaches — a family history, a biography of a single individual; a vacation montage, etc. Lots of folks don't know about photo montages or have never seriously thought about creating one. And be sure to point out that for older people, doing voice over is really important; everyone in the family knows what Papa looked like, but once he's gone no one will know what he sounded like.


      3) Join local service organizations — Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc. Network like crazy. Make sure everyone in the organization knows exactly what you do and has your business card.


      4) Go and talk with the Pastor, Priest and Rabbi in every house of worship near you. Make sure they understand the value of a photo montage to those who are celebrating or grieving. Take your laptop and show they what you have in mind. Let them know that you are able to handle showing the photo montage, too, either during a service or afterwards at the reception.


      5) Let Real Estate agencies know what you can offer. Some agencies use a short DVD of property in their sales pitch. Also let them know that you can do a walk through for insurance purposes. Let attorneys know this, too. We've done shoots to support divorce claims, i.e., to prove what the contents of a home looked like on a certain day prior to the divorce.


      6) Go anywhere you can think of that might need training videos. Hospitals have continuing education requirements for their staffs and this is often put onto the hospital intranet. You could be the guy shooting that training. Large construction companies often are contractually required to provide training DVDs that show how all the equipment on-site operates. We've done these for renovated schools, data centers, renovated municipal swimming pools and many other facilities.

      Get your foot in the door by going to companies and talking with project engineers.


      7) Make sure your web site is current — no broken links, ever. Also, very importantly, make sure your web site has content. It's not enough just to have a home page that says "Contact me at 555-555-5555." Give the person who lands on your site a reason to stay, and a reason to think "This guy knows his stuff." Maybe a page that talks about digital cameas, or about downloading from a memory card, or about different kinds of stabilizing devices. And change this content fairly regularly; add to it or make changes that keep it relevant. You can extend this into blogging and Facebook, too, if you think you have time to keep a steady flow of new information to social network sites.


      8) Develop external links on your web site, too. Take a look at the wedding link on our web site to see what I mean. We don't shoot weddings, but we have a page with several dozen links to places that will help the bride to be. None of these involve video — we don't want to send people to our competition — but refer the bride-to-be to places where she can find party favors, jewelry, wedding consultation, etc.

      On our web site, any mention of equipment is linked to a resource, so if  we mention a Sony camera, for example, there's a link to that camera. Again, it's not competing with what we do and the links help boost our Google rating. More importantly, the external links are helpful to the person who is brousing your web site because they're looking for a service. Just be sure the external link opens in its own window, so it doesn't take the reader away from your site.


      None of these suggestions will guarantee instant success; but they're all free and, most importantly, most of them will put you directly in touch with people who may need your services, now or in the future. Hang in there; you're right, one year isn't nearly enough time for unqualified success in this business. We're in our 12th year and still have to work at marketing and customer service every day.  But you're off to a good start. Good luck.


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      Jack –


      Great advice, shortly after I posted this I read other post all about the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary clubs, so I have looked into that already and that is something that I will be doing for 2013 for sure.


      I need to be more face to face, and all your suggestions about places of worship and senior centers, are excellent.


      Thanks for the suggestions!




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      Hi Mark


      This is interesting.

      Makes me think if it is worth being in the business anymore



      What do you think?


      Cheers Andy

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      I was a little disapointed reading this at first and it's real easy for me to get discouraged. I know this is a crowded landscape with people using iphones and ipads to shoot photos and video. I am trying to find my nitch, I'm not looking to produce million dollar ad campaings, but I am trying to find people within the community that need video wether it is for a website, an interview or a school performance. I want to be seen as the local video guy and branch out from there.


      I really want to be able to capture people telling their personal stories on camera to preserve family legacies. I know it's rough, but with more and more people wanting short videos on their websites, I think I can be there to fill that gap and be there for people that have a vision, but maybe not the skills or recources to do it themselves.


      I'm still going to give it a go!

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      Mark here is a link to Earl C's blog If you haven't seen it before.  Lots of marketing info. 



      I hope he chimes in on this topic. 


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      In marketing there are many strategies that can help build up your business such as social media marketing. This strategy is widely used nowadays and it has a big impact because people rely more on social media and its real time. In social media you can post videos, video graphics etc. that can help your business be more exposed to people and a great way to promote your business. You can check out mine, maryann farrugia youtube channel ( you can see that my video about telstra.

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      I am very familer with Earl C!


      He's a great man!

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