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      My manager and I are having a disagreement over text in this video. We send out monthly emails to our database over how to improve their business in certain ways.  This year I have convinced them to do all the videos on a white background, sort of "branding" the videos to have a similar look and feel. 


      I have provided a link to the video at the bottom.  The disagreement comes with the words "visibility"  "credibility" and "Validity" The manager does not like the words by themselves, and wants to add more text or something. The argument being that "what if some people aren't listening, or don't learn by listening and need to see it"   My argument is that "We can only do so much for them and have to assume that if they have played the video they are interested in listening, and thus supportive text is all we need, not a transcript"   Plus, there is text underneath the email to add any more supportive information the recepient needs. 



      Can anyone advise us on rules for using supportive text in a video?  I have a great manager, who both of us are interested in learning from the talents we bring to the table. I know I tend to be more minimalistic in my crativities, but would like to know everyone's thoughts. 




      Video Link (I have taken the title and the opening logo off for security reasons):

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      Rules? Rules about text are most often about font legibility or project design standards. I found your choice of fonts was not easy to read or remeber what just flashed by me. i.e.I had to go back to  "" to read it slowly.  Key targets looks like Hey Targets.  I recognize you want to be different but because the text flashes on and off quickly, you need the words to be instantly recognizable and have a good lasting 'image' (in the mind) of what was written. However, kudos for not selecting Comic Sans Serif or for spelling out the words in CAPITALS (hard to read).


      If it were me, I would have put up the word Enhance and then probably bulletted visibility and credibility underneath. I say that because you've used a lot of multi word lines already. Watch your video with the sound off and you'll see your speaker says, with her body, there are Two things, she indicates a first and it's not so obvious when she is about to introduce a second. With the audio off, or so low my viewing won't annoy a person in my cubicle, or on the bus etc. the word 'Validate' hangs on the screen rather meaninglessly. "testimonials Validate you professionally' is the message' If I had only one word to hang, I would hang validation – but then you ask yourself, should my text be exactly the words she is using or sum up her point? That depends on the standard you are adopting/developing.


      When you make a video, especially for a customer, you usually spec out the graphical and visual  standards. Done on white screen = visual standard. Text to follow main points? Text to be subtitles (accessibility for hearing impaired). Text to pull on key words. Text to sum up points.

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