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      You can find a bunch of well-produced tracks at:

        Hope you find something you like. Feel free to contact me via personal message if you need any loops/alterations to the tracks.

      Thank You

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      Try an Internet search for “royalty-free music” and there will be no lack of results — but be warned; music purchased from the vast majority of royalty-free music sites actually does require royalties. In fact, almost all royalty-free musicsites have an FAQ with this question — "What is royalty-free music?" They do this because they don't include performance royalties or often mechanical licenses in the cost of the track. Many royalty-free audio sites say that the music may be subject to performance royalties,  or will require cue sheets to be filled (so artists can get their royalties), or that physical copies of the song cannot be made (DVDs, toys, etc).

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