ripped of by a distributor on my indy

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      I made a great film and made the mistake of signing with a firm that seems to have 100s of indy low budgets in distribution, including complilations. my film went worldwide with them signing it to TV cable deals, evry platform, DVD sales in all venues. The last deal they struck was in AAsia Russia after I demanded back my rights six months earlier for non payment. I got 225-$ total when I know any deals signed anywheree include thousands per territory upfront. I GOT ROBBED! They made thousands off my naivety. please be careful if u sign any deals! this firm has many names. I contacted the state attorney general and consumer affairs intheir state. the dude had to hire a lawyer and I hope it cost him money! but none the less I was ROBBED!

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      What's the full name of the company and/or individual who ripped you off ?

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      Do tell. Name and Shame them!

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