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      I run a Film/TV acting training facility and I’m looking for some advice.


      I have 3 hd camcorders mounted on rolling tripods for a 3 camera set. The 3 hdmi video feeds will be plugged into a Roland V-4EX I just bought. We will live switch between a master and 2 close-ups while recording onto a PC hard drive or recording deck. When we are done recording, we do playbacks and critiques, showing the scenes on a ceiling mounted electric screen that comes down.


      The Audio is handled thru an overhead xlr mic or boom mic, and will be plugged into an audio mixer, and then run thru the stereo RCA audio inputs on the V-4EX for combined embedded audio into the hdmi/usb output stream.


      I need recommendations for a low-end audio mixer (roughly $100 or less) that would handle the xlr or boom mic input, and then out to the RCA audio inputs on the V-4EX.


      While doing the live switch recording of the scenes, I am also looking to add some background music or noise to bring more life or reality to the scenes. What would be the best way to add the background music? Would I add the music into the audio mixer and mix with the audio from the mic? How would you recommend doing this? What device/output?


      Any input would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

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      So I see you got the V4…. Good choice!


      Look at this on B&H photo video…


      Yamaha MG102 10-Channel Mixer


      At the price and based on the reviews this is exactly what tou need!


      Feed the mic and the background music into the sound board and mix away… Ajust themix as you need and feed it all to your recorder


      Keep us posted







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      Thanks Robert!


      Yes, I spent a little more than my original budget but bought the V4-4EX with an eye to the future. 


      I will definitely check out the Yamaha MG102 10-Channel Mixer


      Thanks also for the confirmation on the background music. I'm not sure where the music would be coming from at this point. Could I use my ipod with an adapter to go from the ipod 3.5 mm to one of the stereo RCA mixer inputs on the Yamaha? Or would I want to go from 3.5 mm to something else like XLR or 1/4"?



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      yes you can get an adater form ipod to RCA and connect it to the yamaha…


      for 79$ that mixer sound like a great deal… i already have 3 diffrent mixers, otherwise i'd buy one LOL

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      also let us know what you think of th V-4EX

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      Hi Robert,


      It took me a while to get all the required additional cables, adapters, etc., but I finally got everything set up.


      I took your advice and went with the Yamaha MG102 10-Channel Mixer to go with the Roland V-4EX. The audio is clear, and I'm very happy with the overall performance.


      As for the V-4EX, I have only begun to use all the functions. I will say that so far, I am quite pleased with the purchase. The unit seems to be a solid piece of equipment. It will take me months to make my way thru all the options we can use.


      One reason I decided to go with the V-4EX model is the web streaming. In the future, I plan to live stream some of our talent performances we call “showcases” with a Hollywood Agent or Casting Director. I also plan to add a green screen in the future to further utilize the Roland V-4EX.


      Once again, thanks for all your input Robert! Our coaches and student actors are very happy with the new equipment and we will be enjoying all the new capabilities for a long time to come!






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      Great! I'm glad I was able to help you out!





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